LIGHT UP OYO : The City Peace Corp

Few months after the Inauguration of His Excellency ,Governor Seyi Makinde
Crimes crawl their way back to the city as citizens began to recount their ordeal in the hands of night marauders.

Skirmishes of violence have began to brew up in some volatile neighborhoods .

Meanwhile,Oyo state has witnessed relative peace in the previous eight years of late governor Ajimobi ,hence the yardstick the new governor is been measured on .

Criticism began to rear its ugly head as people are increasingly concerned about their safety at nights 

Like the Proverbial Warrior ,GSM took the bull by the horn and met his executive council members to deliberate on ways to stem the growing threat.Many solutions were brought to the fore and among them is the LIGHT UP OYO Project

This project is billed to light up the city at night to ensure visibility and security.You will agree with me four years down the line that over sixty percent of the state has been lit up and we have enjoyed relative peace and prosperity in that period . 

Hurray to our CITY PEACE CORP and kudos to our ever dexterous commissioner for energy SEUN TNA who has ensured the project is achievable despite many bottlenecks . 

God bless our amiable GSM for thinking outside the box to give us a 21st century lighting system.

Without no exaggeration, the  street lightning project in Oyo State has helped to attract  businesses, extending business hours and creating a thriving environment for entrepreneurship to flourish which is in turn boosting the economy of the State.







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