OGHA: Appeal Court Upholds Hon. Owodunni as Ikenne State Constituency 2023 Election Winner 

The court of appeal sitting in Abuja today has upheld the election of Hon. Babajide Owodunni as the authentic representative of Ikenne State Constituency at the Ogun State House of Assembly. 

The victory of Hon. Owodunni at the 2023 Ikenne State Constituency election was challenged in court since his announcement as winner by INEC.

Delivering its judgement today, the court held that Hon. Owodunni met all the requirements to contest, and is therefore the authentic representative of the Constituency.

Reacting to the judgement, Hon. Owodunni thanked his supporters for their steadfastness, adding that courage has stood tall and democracy has blown its trumpet.

According to him, "Only God crowns kings, and we thank God today, that the much awaited judgement has been given in our favour. I may have won your votes, but it is you – the people of Ikenne State Constituency – who have won the election. And therefore, I accept this victory on your behalf.

Our victory at the court has sealed a pact with democracy and good governance. And therefore, I shall devote every fibre of my being to even greater prosperity, growth and development to each and every Constituent.

I will give you a representation that will sustain the legacies of our Constituency at the Ogun State House of Assembly.

Our Constituency – under my watch as your representative – will not discriminate. There will be no political victimisation of whatever kind to anyone, regardless of political affiliations. My door is open to everyone.

By affirming your faith in me, I make it my mission to represent you wisely, and not rudely. The empowerment and employment programmes that I have initiated will help improve the lives of our people. Under my watch as your representative, our Constituency will enjoy optimal growth through enhanced policy harmony.

I thank my political leaders who have guided me aright. I equally thank you the people of Ikenne State Constituency, as well as everyone who has contributed directly or indirectly to this victory.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support. We have turned our distant dream into an imminent reality. Today, we celebrate democracy. 

Even though the court has upheld my victory, this is no time for boasting or gloating. I am the representative for all constituents, whether I gained their support or not. 

Tomorrow, I'll get back into work. You have voted for me, now I shall continue to work for you. I will expand the process of development and growth in our Constituency. 

It is not an easy task; but it is a possible task. It will require creativity, wisdom and strength of purpose, and together we can make Ikenne  State Constituency even greater.

This promise I make to you today, with God as my witness, I will not fail you!", he added.

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