WORLD TEACHERS DAY 2023: “You are our true heroes,” Taiwo Oludotun laud teachers

The Former Commissioner of Forestry in Ogun state and a commissioner designate, Hon. Taiwo Oludotun has celebrated all the teachers in the world, specifically in Abeokuta North local government for their sacrifices, patience, love, and guidance in ensuring the success of the students in their care while in service and after service.

Oludotun, who made the declaration in a statement on the occasion of the 2023 World Teachers Day celebration on Wednesday, October 5, 2023, said, "Teachers are like a ladder which every successful person must climb to their place of success.

"No matter how highly placed you are today, you have at one time or the other passed through teachers. They are the leader we all climbed towards becoming a doctor, lawyer, and accountants among others."

Even the LGA Chairman, Commissioners, Governor and President passed through the teachers. Because there is no position you want to contest today that won't require you to present a certificate."

He also added, "Celebrating the teachers today is celebrating our heroes. They are the true President, Governor, LGA Chairman etc. It's the knowledge they transferred to us, we used to get to where we are today. I will forever be grateful to my teachers."

It should be noted that October 5 is celebrated as World Teachers Day, to express gratitude for the contributions of teachers, who prepare children to face the world.

The purpose of World Teachers Day is also to recognise, evaluate, and enhance the status of teachers around the globe. This day is also viewed as a chance to think about and resolve problems relating to teachers and education.

The theme of this year’s World Teachers Day 2023 is "The teachers we need for the education we want: The global imperative to reverse the teacher shortage".

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