Akinyele Youth Forum in Productive Dialogue with the Commissioner for youth and sports,Oyo state

In a proactive move to foster youth empowerment and sports development, the Akinyele Youth Forum ably led by Comrade Olagoke Paul engaged in a constructive dialogue with the Commissioner of Youth and Sports,Hon Wasilat Adegoke .The forum identified with His Excellency’s commitment to youth development and of course gender equality by appointing me as the first female commissioner of the ministry.

The meeting spotlighted the forum's accomplishments and upcoming initiatives aimed at enhancing the well-being of the youth in the local government.

Initiatives Highlighted:

Community Sports Tournaments:

The youth forum showcased the success of recent community sports tournaments, emphasizing their role in promoting physical fitness, community cohesion, and talent discovery. The tournaments received positive acclaim for fostering a spirit of healthy competition.

Collaboration with Schools:

Acknowledging the role of education in holistic youth development, the forum highlighted collaborative efforts with local schools. Programs such as mentorship sessions, career guidance, and scholarships were discussed as integral components of their engagement with educational institutions.

Commissioner's Response:

The Commissioner of Youth and Sports commended the Akinyele Youth Forum for their commitment to fostering a vibrant and empowered youth community. He acknowledged the positive impact of their initiatives and assured continued collaboration to amplify the impact of youth-focused programs in the local government.

Unified Vision for the Future:

The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to advancing youth and sports development. Both the Akinyele Youth Forum and the Commissioner expressed optimism about the future, envisioning a local government where the youth are not only active in sports but are also empowered to contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Other member of the forum present at the meeting were ,Alhaji Abiola Ogungbade , Comrade Hamidah,Comrade Gafar,comrade majek,comrade musibau,comrade Ajao,comrade Ahmed ,comrade Kabirat Aponmode

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