Allow Police To Investigate Aminu's Murder Case, Olu Imasayi Tells Deceased Family 

The Olu of Imasayi, Yewa North Local government, Ogun State, Oba Lukmon Kuoye has cautioned his subjects to give room for Police investigation to take it's full cause over the gruesome murder of one of the residents of Imasayi town, Aminu Ajayi recently.

It was gathered that one Adebisi Ajayi in an opinion written and circulated on social media, accused the police of foot dragging in the investigation as well as indictment of Oba Kuoye in the matter. 

Ajayi wrote in his piece, "What is even more disheartening is the silence and inaction of the King of the community, Lukman Kuoye, and his chiefs. Not only did they fail to inform the police or show any sign of sympathy to the grieving family, but they also arranged for a local media campaign aimed at discrediting the case. It's as if they turned their backs on justice.

The State Police Command, Eleweran, displayed a baffling lack of professionalism in their handling of this case. Instead of pursuing the murderers with the same vigour displayed in a separate, unrelated case, they arranged a reconciliation meeting between the petitioners and the suspects. This is a grave injustice to Aminu Ajayi's memory and the pursuit of truth".

But Oba Lukmon in a statement through his Media Consultant, Hakeem Adegbenro on Monday, described Ajayi's write-up as malicious and libelous, disclosing it was the writer's vein efforts to drag his exalted stool into the mud. 

The Monarch noted that murder case of that magnitude, requires discreet investigative efforts of the police, cautioning the writer and his cohorts to await the outcome of such investigation rather than hastily publish malicious and libelous information on his personality.

Oba Kuoye insisted that the deceased, family and the society at large, deserved justice, affirming that the dark shadow cast over Aminu's murder must not be allowed to tarnish collective sense of right and wrong. 

The statement reads "Our attention has been drawn to a malicious and libelous write-up as per the above subject, written by one Adebisi Ajayi, indicting the personality and the revered stool of Olu of Imasayi-Yewa, HRM Oba (Rtn) Amb. Lukman Olalekan Kuoye, Fcim.

The contents of the referenced subject revolves around the gruesome murder of late Aminu Ajayi, who was a native and resident of Imasayi -Yewa in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun state. For the umpteenth time, we condole with his dear family on this dastard act of the men of underworld.

However, on the recent fabrication of the blackmail by the said Adebisi Ajayi, we wish to inform the general public that the case has since been and is still being investigated by the Police. Thus, we wish to set the record straight in the face of relentless but vein efforts to drag the exalted stool of Olu of Imasayi-Yewa in the mud for posterity sake".

The statement added "It is necessary to stress that justice on any Criminal case, just as in the instant alleged murder case requires descreet investigative efforts of the police and which the police through the Homicide section of State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department ( SCIID) had several questioned the persons close to the Olu of Imasayi-Yewa on the strength of the petition written by members of Ajayi family". 

"Meanwhile, the writer alluded that the case has now been transferred to the Homicide Department in Alagbon for further and proper investigation alleging that the police at Ogun state Command failed to do justice, we state that this is good for justice and we support the move but disagree that the police has not done thier best just because they refuse to maliciously detain the innocent persons suspected by the members of Ajayi family. 

We therefore appeal even to the Parties, especially the said Adebisi Ajayiis to await the outcome of such investigation rather than hastily publish malicious and libelous information and the Olu Imasayi-Yewa", the statement indicated.

The statement reads "As the traditional ruler and an International Peace Ambassador, Oba Kuoye, the Olu of Imasayi-Yewa, will continue to be fair, transparent in the ruling the affairs of the community, not minding who was and wasn't in support of his ascension to the throne of his forefathers".

Oba Kuoye again cautioned citizens and residents of Imasayi-Yewa town to refrain from any act capable of putting the security of the community into jeopardy, saying such would not be tolerated by the palace and government.

The statement indicated "The Imasayi-Yewa throne belongs to just one person per time, and it pleases God that Oba Kuoye is saddled with that responsibility for now, so other who may still feel aggrieved after the High Court of Justice, Ogun State Judicial Division, Ayetoro judgement of 31st January, 2023 can still do so within the ambit of the law, with decorum without undue allegation to the person of the monarch or the palace".

The statement concluded, "Aminu Ajayi's memory deserves justice. His family deserves it, and our society demands it. The dark shadow cast over his murder must not be allowed to tarnish our collective sense of right and wrong.

It will also help the ancient town to investigate and bring the culprits to book, in order to bring sanity into the town and to also act as deterrent to other hidden criminals in the town and her environment".

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