Barr. Seun Ashamu: A Genius Invoking Innovations through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. - Part II by Akinloluwa Akinbode

Through the thirty-three local governments of Oyo State, the Ministry has been able to make tremendous strides and impacts, especially in transforming fortunes and standard of living in both urban and rural areas, with many more projects still in progress. 

In collaboration with Shell Nigeria Gas, the state government signed a Memorandum of Understanding MoU to facilitate domestic gas infrastructure development in Oyo State. The Gas Plant Project in Oyo is near completion and full operation is to start in earnest. This is another applaudable project that is meant to set the state on the path of industrialisation, and cushion the effect of the fuel subsidy removal regime, enabling local industries to thrive and create employment opportunities for the people, especially youths in the state. 

Just as the neighbouring Ogun State thrives on a gas-driven industrialised economy, Oyo State is climbing the ladder towards spiking Internally Generated Revenue IGR once the Shell Gas Plant Project is completed. 

Similarly, the State Government, through the Ministry has commenced an 11 Megawatt Independent Power Project IPP. The 11 Megawatt hybrid power plant which comprises of 10 MW gas and 1 MW solar powering solution is expected to provide uninterrupted electricity to government facilities; hospitals, primary health care centres, stadium, government house and the host community, government secretariat and adjoining communities while also powering not less than a 10 KM radius of the Light Up Oyo Project. 

In the same vein, the state government, through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has started the installation of 40 mini-power grids in different locations to complement power generation from the Independent Power Project and the national grid. The first of many was inaugurated in Budo-Are town, Itesiwaju local government some months ago, bringing government presence and intervention to unserved communities, making them experience what electricity supply really is, ever since its existence. 

The strategy of the Honourable Commissioner from all indications is centred on deploying right solution to the right problems at all times, and in combating the recurring challenges in the health sector, especially the issue of epileptic power supply, major primary health centres have been fully equipped and being powered with Solar energy, with more still in progress. This has not only given the health centres a facelift, but further enhanced the quality of healthcare delivery round the clock. 

To whom much is given, much is expected. Hon. Ashamu delivered excellently well during the first term of His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde and this warranted his reappointment to deliver and add more value to the administration and progress of Oyo state. 

Akinloluwa writes from Egbeda Local Government.

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