Daramola Dynasty Foundation Partners with medical bodies for a community health outreach at the 54th Afotamodi Festival

As part of an effort to bridge the gap in healthcare accessibility, and provide free medical services, consultations, and basic vital checks and drugs on eye screening, essential medications for hypertensive drugs, and others, Daramola Dynasty Foundation has partnered with the Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta, and Eye Foundation Hospital in fulfilling one of its primary goals on community health and well-being.

The medical outreach was held on Saturdays to commemorate the 54th Afotamodi Day, which aimed to provide succour to indigents who have several health challenges. 
Engr. Ola Daramola who led the team of healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and medical volunteers conducted thorough medical consultations to address a range of health concerns presented by community members. 

Comprehensive health screenings were provided to detect common health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, malaria, and eye issues. Early detection allowed for timely intervention and management.
The outreach sought to bridge the gap in healthcare access by providing free medical services, including consultations, basic vital checks and drugs, eye screening, and supply of essential medications from eyeglasses, hypertensive drugs, and others. 

An integral part of the outreach involved a health talk and medical training sessions by medical practitioners who educated and empowered the community with knowledge on preventive measures, healthy lifestyle practices, and disease management. 
The specialized teams provided vital check-ups and eye examinations by identifying and addressing body and visual health issues within the community, while the pharmacy dispensed prescribed medications at no cost, with easy access to essential medicines. 

Speaking at the event Mrs Daramola reiterated the importance of healthy living and how it was a priority to the foundation. 

The outreach successfully served over 300 beneficiaries, reaching a diverse demographic within the community. 

The Daramola Dynasty Foundation reiterated its commitment to providing Individuals requiring medical attention with follow-up procedures and ensuring the continuity of care beyond the outreach event.

The programme demonstrated the potential for positive change through collaborative efforts. Continued support and strategic planning are essential for the sustainability and expansion of such initiatives in the future. 

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