Opinion: I consults For Prayers From Alfa, Pastor, Traditional Worshiper, Dr. Ewenla Reveals 

I visited my alfa for prayer on Friday he asked me to spread my hands for prayer and he consulted Allah (Olohun) through the prophet Muhammad (W A S) after the prayer he asked me to kill Ram for people to eat which I did then he asked money for prayer I gave him the little I have and I go home with faith

I visited my Pastor the following Sunday for prayer he asked me to kneel down for prayer and he consults God (Olorun) through Jesus Christ after the prayer he gave me water but I bought keg and olive oil and handkerchief he also asked me to help the helpless and buy something big for church which I did and I gave him the little cash I have but he didn't ask for it and I go home with faith 

I visited my traditional worshiper (Baba Alawo) for prayer he asked me to sit-down on a mat and he consulted Eledumare through (IFA) after the consultation he asked me to buy Goat, oil, drinks, Calabash and other items and he prayed for me. He asked me for money and I gave him the little I have and I go home with faith 

You can see that i went to Church. Mosque and Orunmila believe that God will answer my prayer by faith and I go back home with faith. I didn't see God the Pastor, Alfa, and Baba Alawo, didn't tell me they see God they only consult almighty God by their faith through the messenger of God. I didn't deceive myself by claiming any religion but I accept all Religious and practice it the way of my knowledge no one can tell me not to do any religion because I believe if God wants one religion he has the capability to make it one I didn't condemned those that choose one religion it is also good but it's a choice not by force 

The God I am serving is not a powerless God who cannot fight for himself that is why I cannot fight for any religion and the God I served is a powerful God and he doesn't send anybody to fight for him

I spent millions of Naira yearly to promote religion and I didn't regret it. I place My Quran, Bible, and IFA at the same place in my bedroom and they didn't fight each other so why did I need to support fighting Killing Kidnapping in the name of religion

I didn't deny being a Muslim. Christian. Or traditional worshipers so don't be surprised if you see me practicing any religion or not fighting for religion

I pray to God almighty by the way of my understanding and he always answers my prayer.

We are all serving the same God but different ways God is one 

Prince Amb (Dr) Adedipe Dauda Ewenla 
Nis DiL Bsc Msc

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