Opinion: Why I am Disappointed In Islamic Scholars In Nigeria, Ewenla 

I am highly disappointed in those so called Islamic scholars in Nigeria/Yorùbás expecially those from the Ilorin kwara state sheikh and they no nothing in the holy Quran. They just want to spoil islamic religion for we that choose to be a Muslim 

They've turned social media into a battle field because of Dog which is forbidden meat for thousand of years

Either written in Quran or not Since the prophet Muhammad (S W A) and all his followers and prophets of almighty Allah against it why disgracing themselves to the extent of fighting on social media platforms? What nonsense you people should look for a job if you people are jobless 

They've turned Islamic religion into their professional caterer none of them have jobs. That is why they always come on social media platforms disgracing themselves nonsense 

They don't know anything than to fight. They fight christian and traditional worshipers now they're fighting themselves why are they useless like that? None of them can preach the words of God anymore They are only good in criticize. With what is happening in this country none of them cannot come out and say something reasonable than to fight 

They're all social media sheikh (Awon oni doti gbogbo Amunigun ni)

Prince Amb (Dr) Adedipe Dauda Ewenla. Nis DiL Bsc Msc. Arowo-sadini of Abule Egba Lagos

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