Tunde Diya : The Relentless, Compassionate and Caring Progressive to empower 800 Youths

We are approaching the Yuletide season, and as usual the year is coming to an end with back to back Medical Outreaches and empowerment programmes sponsored by the Dr Tunde Diya Foundation. "Omo Diya" as he is fondly called by some has done nothing but continuous marvel for the good people of Odogbolu Local Government in the past couple of years. Stemming from a mindset fixated on Nation Building through attention to intricate details of Community Development, the European trained Medical Doctor has decided to extend his engagement to Ijebu Central. With an Empowerment Programme focused on Females aged 18 to 35 with Businesses that need scaling up through proper registration and digitisation. Enterprise Development Center ( EDC ) plan to improve the lives of these Six Hundred ( 600 ) Youths across these Local Governments. The facilitation for this exercise is been done by Dr Tunde Diya Foundation. 

"The basic idea is to enable them acquire the needed skills required of them to tap into the Global Digital Economy. The Federal and State Governments with Foreign Partners are investing heavily in Digital Infrastructure across Nigeria. In order for us to join this global race in the digital space, Ijebu Youths must not be left behind but should rather be at the forefront, keying into these great opportunities and maximizing it. The key to this is basically equipping them with the necessary skillset and proper positioning" the Dr commented. 

The empowerment programme is set to start on the 21st to 24th November, 2023 in Odogbolu Local Government then the 28th to 30th in Ijebu Ode and Ijebu Northeast Local Governments respectively. The young Doctor has always made it clear that the youth demography need to be engaged and activated to yield the desired economic returns for a prosperous Ijebu land. 

In a complete separate account of events, Dr Tunde Diya Foundation is partnering with Havilah, a faith-based organization to distribute Food Palliatives to about 200 needy people in Odogbolu. 

"It is the period of festivities, it isn't coincidental that the year 2023 is coming to an end with the Dr Tunde Diya Foundation doing back to back Medical Outreaches, Empowerment Programmes and all sorts. It has been a tough year for people and they should get all the support they can. Smiles appearing on people's faces should be a way to end the year. It is simply the hand of God working in our lives. He has been wonderful and we will continue to give all glory and honour to Him".

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