Apologize To President Tinubu Over Your Lies, Toxic Accusations, LP Tells Peter Obi

The Labour Party National Chairman Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa has distance the party from the alleged unguided utterances by the party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi since he lost the Presidential election to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.  

Peter Obi was accused in a recent statement made available to journalists by the party National Publicity Secretary, Dr Abayomi Arabambi that he had come up recently with his style of deceptive politics of shunning out fictitious and unfounded figures and indices on national issues where he lied that the federal government sponsored Delegation to Dubai was 1,411 as against 422.

The party National Publicity Secretary also appealed to Nigerians to disregard the malicious and false erroneous piece,dished out by Peter Obi on the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery,since Nigeria had cleared herself from the menace of slavery since 1945. 

The statement indicated that "Peter Obi's destructive criticism of the Nigerian State on the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery came from one who is myopic about the topical issues in the world at large,and Nigeria in particular."

"Peter Obi's outburst of confusion regarding the Walk Free Organisation Global Slavery Index Reports of 2023 has further exposed his shallow intellectual capacity and campaign of calumny against the Nigerian State and further exposes his quest to wallow in character assassination of Mr. President to gain underserved sympathy"

"Nigerians are always enjoined to go through researches to get first-hand information themselves,rather than rely their views on falsehood peddled by Peter Obi to discredit Nigeria."

"The lies in the form of figures,data,indices and parameters quoted by Peter Obi have been found to be the handiwork of a frustrated self-acclaimed opposition leader,bereft of spirit of patriotism and goodwill to the nation."

"From 2023 Global Slavery Index Reports by the Walk Free Organisation,the country rated with the highest rate of people experiencing modern slavery in 2023 in the world was North Korea.So,Peter Obi ought to have embarked on an in-depth research before coming to the public sphere to dish out fake indices and data."

In Africa,the countries with the highest prevalence of modern slavery are Eritrea,Mauritania and South Sudan.Nigeria is adjudged to be a country enjoying minimal cases of modern slavery.

"Coming to the world in general,the latest Global Slavery Index Reports produced by human rights groups,Walk Free Organisation,revealed the ten countries with the highest prevalence of modern slavery."

"In the descending order of magnitude were North Korea,Eritrea,Mauritania,Saudi Arabia,Turkiye,Tajikistan,UAE,Russia,Afghanistan,and Kuwait."

The LP National Chairman Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa therefore distance the party from the unguided utterances of Peter Obi, who is well known for cooking up figures,data and indices to deceive the gullible Nigeria and his daft infamous Ethnic irredeemable irresponsible irredentist obi-dient supporters.

Nigerians must disregard the malicious and false erroneous piece,dished out by Peter Obi on the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery,since Nigeria had cleared herself from the menace of slavery since 1945.


According to him, "Vast majority of those in the Nigerian delegation to COP28 are either non-relevant civil servants or relations, friends and hangers-on of high government officials. Most of them hardly understand or have anything to do with Climate Change, as we have kept emphasizing, we must stop waste as a tradition of our government and nation. We urgently need to cut the cost of governance and invest in production"

"We need to de-emphasize unnecessary ceremony and showmanship as a mode of government behaviour. We need to tie spending to necessity and national Priority. A New Nigeria is possible. We only need to do the reasonable and the necessary.”

Steve Maraboli once said that " Be Careful... not all are what they seems. Some people pretend to be the beach,but they're actually quicksand" 

Rather than Mr Peter Obi continues to pour bittered acidic verbal invectives on the person of the President of the Federal Republic through his usual selective approach in responding to societal ills, labour Party wishes to draw Mr Peter Obi attention to the ABIA STATE institutionalized slavery of workers , manifest executive rascality,policy somersault, lawlessness and Corruption .

Matthew7:3-5 ) says "Or how can you say to your neighbor, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye' while the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your neighbor's eye." 

Mr Peter Obi messianic quest has made it very hard for him to detached himself from selfish aggrandizement .

His deceptive pursuit for a better society has greatly affected his sense of reasons over his failure to call Governor Alex Otti of Abia State to order.

Nigerians must also note that both NLC and TUC leaderships failed in their responsibilities to rescue workers in From the clutches of suffering and maladministration 

The degree of political and Economy Conquest of ordinary Abians and workers as currently established in Abia in the name of governance is nauseating and irritating 

 Mr Peter Obi must know that it is only in Abia's state House of Assembly that you have the position of "Majority Leader" being occupied by a member from a minority party because the PDP which is the Majority in the House complained and their leadership was suspended by the Speaker who is also from the(LP) minority party.

And so it is on records that in Alex Otti's Abia State today, the Labour party which is in the minority is occupying the positions of the Speaker,the Deputy Speaker and the " Majority Leader and the fake obidient Messiah Mr Peter Obi and his co traveler TUC and NLC are fine with that 

Governor Alex Otti re- awarded a six- kilometre road project for N30 billion when some four years ago that same road had earlier been awarded for N10billion with drainages on both side completed and the Labour party House of Assembly remains silent

Today, the Labour Party in Abia, according to Governor Otti himself spends N5.3 billion to run the office of the governor, within 3 months, while the IGR of the state is N3.3 billion within the same time frame. 

Mr Peter Obi, may we remind you that Governor's Alex Otti Security Vote stands at N930 million every month and your maintenance of defeaning silence is not only absurd but criminal even as the Labour party administration runs the most profligate Government in Nigeria today.

Abia is the only State in the South East where the government has not intervened in any manner whatsoever to cushion the pains of subsidy removal.

Abia is the only State in Nigeria today to have sacked over 12, 000 workers employed by the immediate past administration and both the NLC and TUC closes their Evil eyes against such cruelty . 

But in a display of double standard which is their stock -in- trade ,they unleashed Mayhems and War on Nigeria state when Governor Hope Uzodima sacked 10,000 ghost workers.

They closed Nigeria Airports , declared a nation -wide-Strike with the aim of overthrowing a legitimate administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu but they choose to look elsewhere in the case of Gov Alex Otti of Abia State where open institutionalized and manifest slavery of workers is the order of the day.

Governor Alex Otti still runs the show for the 17 local governments single handedly like Mr Peter Obi who has no elected officials at the Local Government for 8 years 

In Abia State today ,there is no elected or appointed officials yet allocation has been hitting his Treasury for the past six months non-stop.

Mr Peter Gregory Obi must show enough courage as a man who claimed to love Nigeria to begin his deliverance crusade from in-house . 

 Deceptive pursuit and posturing will remain a self serving ventures as long as Peter Obi and other self- acclaimed critics continue to play the ostrich with the rot within Labour party 

 Nigerians are beautiful people that will always acknowledge authentic efforts meant to uplift our standard of public service participation and delivery where one of it is the courage to look inwards.

It's bad enough to see people lie to each other, but when you tell yourself the same lie when you lied to someone else, that's even worse. To the liars, remember, KARMA..
-Rev Ernie Urban

Finally the National Chairman of Labour party Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa here by give Mr Peter Obi a 72 hours ultimatum to tender unreserved apology to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR and Nigeria over the false and misleading information

Failure to complies with this directives will leave Labour party with no other option than to begin the process of his political extradition back to PDP

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