Idarika Iperu-Remo Community Demands Government Intervention in Farmland Invasion Dispute

The People of Idarika Commumnity in Iperu-Remo have slammed  the Ologere of Ogere, Oba Saliu Obafemi, and others over the invasion of about 1,500 Hecters of land which belongs to the community. 

A member of the Idarika community Chief Olusegun Ogunkoya who Spoke on behalf of the community in an interview with  newsmen, revealed that  many people have been invading the land, but Ologere of Ogere is the prime invader.

While narrating the historical background of the land, he explained that, the land was located on the two sides of the Lagos-Ibadan express way and  surrounded by villages where Ogere is not part of the land but shared boundaries with Iperu.

He added that there is a proper document that shows the boundary of Iperu and Ogere and also the authenticity of the owner of the land.

According to him, "Suddenly, we saw Ogere people claiming our land in Idarika because they have been allowed to farm on that side of the community land after the express way divided the community land into two parts, We want the general public to know that the land belong to Idarika people of Iperu and not Ogere  under the Ikene Local government area. 

"Many people have been invading the land claiming they have certificates of occupancy on some part of the land but the person who led the Invaders till this moment is the new Ologere of Ogere, Oba Saliu Obafemi who engineered different people to claim the land saying that it belongs to Ogere. The land is about 1,500 hectares.

"We have boundaries with Elegbeji in Sagamu, Ajagbe in Iperu, Idena in Iperu and also Egba(Abeokuta) while the land of Idarika is at the centre of these villages and Ogere is not part of Town we share borders with because after our land the next village is Idena followed by Imeji before you get to Ogere. 

"Unconfirmed Information at the disposal of the Idarika Indigenes was that the Ologere claimed he bought the land from different families whom he said were all dead.
"It was the construction of the Lagos-Ibadan Express Road in last quarter of 1978 that divided the land of Idarika into two parts Immediately the road was constructed, some people who were living at the other side lost their lives due to motor accidents when they were going for their farms. For this reason the Ogere Indigenes were allowed to use the land for farming purposes via Ogere while some natives of Ogere leased the land on a long term basis with the hope that they  would later reclaim their land back. And when Ogere saw that no one came up to claim the land anymore, they now begin to lay claim to it, saying that the land has been sold to them by some sets of people, whereas the land does not belong to them. 

On the claim by some individuals who had secretly obtained certificates of occupancy ( c of o) on some portion of the land without the consent and authority of the authentic land owners from Idarika the community lawyer Barrister Gbenga Ojo who spoke with our correspondent explained that the Supreme Court have decided on a plethora of cases that a Certificate of Occupancy is contestable and will be set aside if the root of title is defective like in the instant case.

"Their is a chart showing our boundaries even if you want the survey we will provide it for you. There is Sagamu, Orile-imo, Ajura, idena and Imeji at the other side before you get to Ogere, so how come they will jump those villages and be claiming our land 

Sometimes in 2005, the Ogun state government under the administration of Otunba Gbenga Daniel, the Ogun state boundary dispute commitee including the Remo traditional council had waded into the boundary dispute between Iperu and ogere during the reign of the late ologere of ogere and came up with a conclusion the records are there for verification 
it is therefore strange for the new ologere to start laying another false claim over Iperu land.

He, however, warned the Invaders to stop invading their land while appealing to the Ogun state government, the chairman Ogun state council of obas and chiefs, the Inspector General of Police and the Ogun state Commissioner of Police to quickly interven in matter before it snowball into a communal clash and also to prevent the loose of lives and properties.

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