2024: First Baby of The Year Gets Scholarship, Gifts From JCI Rock City 

A local organization, also known as Junior Chamber International (JCI )Rock City has presented a scholarship and baby items to the first baby of the year in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State. 

The items presented to the child include a baby cot, drawl, clothes, diapers, Baby Wrapper, cash gifts, a fixed account for the baby's future among others were done at the Oke-Ilewo Family health center, in Abeokuta. 

Addressing journalists, the newly elected JCI Rock City President, JCIN Amb. Dr. Hazzan Kafidipe explained the aimed of celebrating first newborn as part of the organization annual "The future projects" which has been going on for over 13 years. 
JCIN Amb. Kafidipe revealed that after visiting different government hospitals in Abeokuta, they confirmed that the Oke-Ilewo Family Health Center welcomed the first baby boy to the Olowokere family around 4:50 am. 
According to him "Today, we celebrate the first newborn in Abeokuta as part of our annual "The Future Projects." This initiative, ongoing for over 13 years, involves welcoming the first baby of the year with gifts, sponsorships, and scholarships. This year, we're taking it a step further by providing the baby with a fixed account."

"At Okeleowo General Hospital, we joyfully welcome the baby boy born at 4:50 am to the Olowokeré family. Our dedicated team visited various hospitals, confirming that this hospital had the first baby. We pray for the child's future success and contribution to society."
"Our scholarships are made possible through partnerships and sponsors. We've signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the parents, providing a copy and maintaining regular follow-ups to ensure continued support"

He therefore revealed part of the organization's new year plans as to focus on 360-degree leadership and contribute to the community with the support of their partners and sponsors. He said with such a comprehensive approach, they can expect all-encompassing improvements. 

JCI Rock City Senator, Henry Adedokun encouraged parents, especially mothers, to prioritize the care of their children by considering the number of babies they can effectively raise, he said its important to give each child the love, attention, and resources they need to thrive. 

Mrs. Olowokere Omobolarinwa, the mother of the newborn baby, expressed her gratitude towards the leadership of JCI Rock City for their kind gestures. 

The event witnessed the JCI Senator, Henry Adedokun, JCI Senator Adekunle Babatunde Samson, the immediate past President of JCIRockcity, JCIN Amb. Motolani Oyedeji, JCIN Amb. Olalekan Egbetola, JCIN Amb. among other members of the organization. 

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