Adesewa Foundation Takes Neurodiversity Awareness To Ogun Hospital, Donates Gift to 100 children

In a heartening display of compassion and dedication, Adebunmi Adesewa Adesina, a Nigerian based in Canada has been making significant strides in advocating for neurodivergent children in Nigeria through her foundation, aptly named the Adesewa Foundation. 

Founded in 2021, the organization focuses on championing the cause of children with conditions such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and more, aiming to foster understanding, support, and inclusion in society.

Adesewa's commitment to her cause has transcended borders, as she executed her first project in Canada before extending her efforts to her home country. 
In 2023, she embarked on her inaugural project in Nigeria, where she journeyed to Ilaro to educate mothers on understanding and supporting neurodivergent children.

Now, with her second project underway, Adesina and her team have descended upon Oba Ademola Maternity Centre, armed with care boxes filled with essentials such as pads, maternity pads, clothing, socks, and headbands for both mothers and children. 

According to her "this children are sideline and they are call special children. That's why I dedicated my own time 
"There are hundred beneficiary today . And I want to urge philanthropists  to put our hands  together to help people , if God has blessed you, it's not all about flashy cars, let us help the people , Nigeria is not smiling and people need help .

The Adesewa Foundation's mission resonates deeply with Temitope Adesina, the mother of the founder, who underscores the importance of understanding and positively addressing the diverse needs of neurodivergent children. 
She encourages mothers to eschew punitive measures and instead advocate for an approach that acknowledges individual strengths and weaknesses.

Dr. Taiwo Gabriel Olugbenga, the medical director of Oba Ademola Maternity Centre, commends the foundation's efforts in raising awareness about neurodiversity disorders among mothers. 

He acknowledges the invaluable role philanthropic organizations play in supplementing government efforts in healthcare services, expressing gratitude for the collaboration and urging continued support from like-minded individuals.

His words " You have come to create awareness and as a maternity centre, we would as much as possible inculcate into one of the teachings we give the mothers so that they would understand that their are different behavioral patterns that you can notice in children when they're growing up , everything is not about beating them .

" I would look forward to more collaboration and working together with the Adesewa foundation . We know that government cannot do everything when it comes to the issue of health care services and for people that are philanthropically minded , we want to encourage you that your good deed would be rewarded by God."

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