ATTACKER To Illuminate Over 180 Locations Across Ijebu-North/Ijebu East/Ogun Waterside Federal Constituency

Olasunkanmi ODUNTAN -

... In continuation of Rt. Hon. Adeṣẹgun Abdel-Majid Adekọya's Sustainable Development Projects in Ijebu-North, Ijebu East, Ogun Waterside Federal Constituency

In a significant move towards sustainable energy and community development projects, Rt. Hon. Adeṣẹgun Abdel-Majid Adekọya, an outstanding representative of Ijebu-North, Ijebu East, Ogun Waterside federal constituency in the 9th Assembly, is set to inaugurate the installation of solar lights in at least 180 locations starting tomorrow, Wednesday, 17th of January 2024.

This ambitious initiative is aimed at bringing about positive change by providing reliable and environmentally friendly lighting and solutions to different communities in the constituency.
The Solar lights will increase safety, encourage outdoor activities, and contribute to a more sustainable and energy-efficient environment in Ijebu East, Ijebu North, and Ogun Waterside federal constituency.

Hon. Adekọya's commitment to the welfare of his constituents is apparent in this proactive approach to addressing the needs of the community being a grassroots politician per excellence, the project aligned with broader efforts to harness renewable energy sources and promote sustainable practices for a better, more resilient future.

Residents are optimistic about the positive impact of this initiative, expecting improved visibility, increased safety, and increased community involvement as Solar energy continues to gain attention as a clean and cost-effective energy source. 

Without exaggeration, the efforts of Rt. Hon. Adeṣẹgun Abdel-Majid Adekọya to make his constituency a mega city through landmark projects, which most of them are single-handedly facilitated by him while in office and after office will be emulated by legislators who are dreaming of delivering quality representation to their immediate constituencies.

Adekọya is dedicated to promoting sustainable development and improving living standards in Ijebu North/Ijebu East/Ogun Waterside Federal Constituency.

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