Gani Adams calls for restructuring of Nigeria, says it will help solve challenges 

Are Gani Adams, the leader of the Oodua People's Congress (OPC) on Friday calls for restructuring of Nigeria saying it will help to solve the mirage of challenges facing the country.

Adams, while speaking to newsmen on the sideline of the "Oodua Progressive Union" 10th World Congress held in Osogbo, said a true federalism system of government will help fix the challenges in Nigeria.

He explained that Nigeria needs to adopted a system of government where the six geopolitical zones becomes federating units, with their own policing structures.

"We have to remind and tell the government what will move the country forward,  as the president may know what is happening in most of the states, even though he is been given intelligence reports. 

"As opinion leaders, which I am one, we must remind the president (Tinubu) to remember where he started from. He is an apostle of federalism. 

"When he was the governor of lagos state,  we learned a lot of things from him in true federalism." he said 

Adams said the system of government Nigeria has adopted as democracy has not moved the country forward , despite engaging technocrats like Okonjo-Iwealla and Sanusi as minister of finance and central bank governor , respectively.

"We have brought a lot of Nigerians from abroad to solve our problem but all efforts so far failed. 

"We have had a lot of Inspector General of Police, yet we could not have a good security network. 

"In terms of infrastructure, we have had a number of good ministers of works and housing, yet we could not get good policies to solve the challenges.

"How can we move forward? As a citizen, we have to proffer solutions and remind those in government that they are there to solve problems. 

"How do they solve the problem? They have to restructure Nigeria.

"Already we have six zones, we just need to turn those zones to federating units, let Abuja be a governing centre for the country. 

"All the zones should be called regions or provinces. The province will then have state and local government areas. 

"We will need four structures of governance and all the four structures will have their own policing structures and with that, Nigeria will move forward." he said 

He said when the people continue to keep quiet, the president may not know what is going on and that regular politicians may not tell him the truth, but as opinion leaders, "we will tell him the truth because he is our brother"  

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