Nigeria Today ; A Journey of Necessity

By Senator Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi

The Wellbeing of its citizens is a widely accepted indicator of the greatness of any Nation, worldwide. Consequently, the sudden hardship being experienced in Nigeria bites so hard, with all and sundry complaining so bitterly.

Enough of blame to previous governments as governance is continuum. 
However, as the saying goes, the head must not be lost in a bid to save the body. 
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is known for possessing the Strength of Character needed to steadily steer the affairs of the Nation towards necessary growth. But we must remember that PBAT inherited a parched economy on downturn nomenclature. 
Mr. President is also a tested reformer with good foresight. We can and should always pray that he shall not be overwhelmed by current challenges. 
Therefore, stating that PBAT is a victim of circumstances, will not be out of place.

We must pray for a successful landing as Mr. President can be likened to an aircraft Pilot already on a journey. We are all on board, so we must show Understanding, Support and Pray for the Pilot to execute a successful landing.

There is no gainsaying that, as an Architect of new tidings, he will always be a victim. The heartfelt admonition is that The Government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu must stay connected to the people. Those in position of authority needs to speak frequently and whenever necessary to the citizens. The Presidency must not be aloof. A synergy of progress is needed between the Presidency and State governments. 
Elections are over, serious governance is needed to get us out of the woods. The Citizens must be encouraged and prioritized.
Transparency and Prudence is of utmost importance. 
The Citizens are watching with keen interest. 
The Truth knocks hard: We have no other country.

We pray for very sound health for Mr. President. 
May the Almighty God make it easy for him. 
May Nigeria Succeed.

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