Renowned Legal Expert Share Insights on Advocacy, Ethics at Chrisland University Law Dinner

A constitutional lawyer and the Resident Electoral Commissioner of Osun State, Dr. Mutiu Agboke has stressed the need for law students  to prioritize academics and avoid the pitfall of the social media in order to succede in the legal profession.

Agboke made the urge while addressing audience, including law students at the Chrisland University’s College of Law Inaugural Law Dinner.

Speaking on the theme “Pathway to a Successful Legal Career”, Agboke who was the Keynote Speaker at the gathering, advised the law students that the only quick way to success in their chosen law career is professionalism and ethical practices. 

The erudite scholar also underscored the nuanced distinction between the knowledge of law and the practicalities of legal practice.

His words “Success at the Bar,” he proclaimed, “transcends mere accumulation of degrees. While a solid knowledge of law is indispensable, there are equally crucial factors that aspiring lawyers must not overlook.”

Dr. Agboke  urged the students to prioritize academics, cautioning against the pitfalls of social media and peer pressures that could divert their focus from the rigorous path of legal education.

Distinguished figures from diverse corners of the legal profession in Nigeria graced the occasion at the College of Law Large Lecture Theatre, marking a significant milestone for the institution.

The atmosphere was filled with anticipation as students, adorned in academic regalia, processed into the venue, setting the stage for an evening of insightful discourse and reflection.
Following the keynote address, the Acting Dean/Provost of the College, Dr. Kayode Akinsola, took the podium to welcome the esteemed guests.

Dr. Akinsola emphasised the imperative for students to take charge of their academic journey from the outset.
He declared that Chrisland University boasts unparalleled facility holdings and a roster of distinguished lecturers, providing an ideal environment for those aspiring to earn a law degree in Nigeria.

Adding a touch of distinction to the event, Prof. Chinedum Peace Babalola FAS, FAAS, the Vice Chancellor of Chrisland University, shared a goodwill message.

Accompanied by the Deputy Vice Chancellor and other principal officers, Prof. Babalola, the first female Professor of pharmacy from the University of Ibadan, shared her personal experiences and impressions about lawyers.

Expressing optimism about the law college’s potential, she affirmed her belief that Chrisland University would produce lawyers capable of competing on a global scale.

The evening’s highlights included heartfelt accounts from students at various levels of the College of Law, narrating their Chrisland experiences and the transformative impact of lectures and peer learning within the university.

The event concluded with a sense of optimism, as Chrisland University continues to shape the next generation of legal professionals, ready to meet the challenges of the dynamic legal landscape.

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