Ibadan's Gbagi Market Traders Left in the Lurch as Mogaji Enforces Questionable Levy"


Tensions flared in Ibadan's bustling Gbagi Market as traders found themselves locked out of their stalls, allegedly at the behest of a prominent local  Mogaji. According to disgruntled merchants, the lockout was a result of purported levy payments demanded by Mogaji on behalf of the government, despite lacking official authorization.

Witnesses reported scenes of confusion and frustration as traders arrived at the market, only to discover padlocks on their shops and gates barricaded. Many expressed outrage at what they deemed an arbitrary and unjustified imposition, accusing Mogaji of exploiting his position for personal gain.

The incident has sparked calls for transparency and accountability in the administration of market affairs, with community leaders and advocacy groups demanding an investigation into the matter. As tensions simmer, the fate of Gbagi Market and the livelihoods of its traders hang in the balance.

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