Olasumbo Faseesin Felicitates Tinubu @72 , Extol the President for Canceling Celebration Party

The significant cancellation of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu 72nd Birthday Party is suggestive of a man who's currently in touch with the reality & feeling of Nigeria (her citizens). Prominently, the Emilokan corner cringes more towards empathy realising the import of Governance as no less a serious matter. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu who had initially described his ambition as lifelong could not be found playing otherwise the gallery. I used to know Tinubu enjoys annual Colloquium in commemoration of his birth. If the instance of cancellation presupposes readiness to ensure a new Nigeria beyond un-empathetic-partying-galore & worthless jyration, then we must all indulge Mr. President some benefits of doubt. For me, a lifelong ambition is one suggesting readiness, preparedness, seriousness and other "nesses" to not only transform Nigeria but also redeem & renew our dampened enthusiasm/ hope. While I wish Mr. President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu worthy years ahead, I am constraint to remind him of his eternal commitment & covenant with the good people of Nigeria. Happy birthday, PBAT @ 72!

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