Oyo State's Proactive Approach: Promoting Investor-Friendly Policies—Commissioner for Energy


The Commissioner for Energy in Oyo State emphasizes that promoting ease of doing business for investors remains a top priority. He highlights several reasons why this initiative will continue:

  1. Economic Growth: Simplifying business processes attracts more investors, leading to increased economic activity and growth in the state.

  2. Job Creation: Streamlining procedures encourages investment, which in turn creates employment opportunities for the local population, thereby reducing unemployment rates.

  3. Infrastructure Development: An investor-friendly environment encourages the development of essential infrastructure such as power, transportation, and telecommunications, which benefits both businesses and residents.

  4. Revenue Generation: Increased investment translates to higher revenue for the state, enabling it to finance essential services and infrastructure projects for the welfare of its citizens.

  5. Competitiveness: By removing bureaucratic hurdles and enhancing efficiency, Oyo State can position itself as a competitive destination for both domestic and foreign investors, attracting investments that drive innovation and productivity.

Overall, prioritizing ease of doing business aligns with the Governor Seyi Makinde vision for sustainable economic development and prosperity, making it an attractive destination for investors seeking growth opportunities.

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