WTD: Accurate Creative Minds Foundation, others Wage War Against Tuberculosis in Ogun

In a continued effort to ensure turbaclosis in Nigeria is brought to zero level, the Accurate Creative Minds Foundation, Damien Foundation, Association of Medical Laboratory Technicians&Assistants of Ni, Nigeria, and Rotary Clubs in Egbaland have waged war against tuberculosis in Ogun state, staging a campaign across major Markets, Parks and Garage in Abeokuta.

The campaign which was kickstarted at Omida market and ended at Kuto Garage and Market on Saturday, was led by Babatunde Odedele, who is the Founder of the Accurate Creative Minds Foundation. 

He stated that creating awareness of Tuberculosis is important, particularly in educating people on its hazards to human health and ways of living. 

Odedele encouraged people to learn how to prevent themselves from tuberculosis, adding that the treatment and testing are free in all public health facilities in Ogun. 
He disclosed that the free testing was volunteered by the Damien Foundation Belgium, an international organization that majors in tuberculosis treatment in the world, and provides drugs and other preventive measures for free. 

Also, speaking Chairman of the Association of Medical Laboratory Technicians&Assistants of Nigeria Ogun State chapter, Elder Oguntade Samuel, pointed out that tuberculosis is a disease that affects not just the lungs, but other parts of the body, such as the brain, kidney, and spinal cords. 
He maintained that the rationale of the campaign is to eradicate the disease and provide preventive measures for the people as it is an airborne disease.  

Samuel noted that the disease is curable, but a lack of knowledge and proper education on the disease is affecting the majority of people who are battling the disease. 

He encouraged people to always go out for free testing and treatment at any government facility so that tuberculosis could be collectively put to an end in Ogun state and Nigeria as a whole.  

In her testimony, Mrs. Salami Foluke, the State coordinator of people living with HIV admonished people to stop self-medication whenever they noticed any signs of coughing, instead, they should go to a hospital for a check-up. 

She narrated that she was once a victim of tuberculosis, but after being at the hospital for diagnosis, she was treated and cured after following the drug's prescription by the expert.  

She noted that some might not know that they are battling tuberculosis, but they are afraid of being stigmatized, she encouraged people should go out for the test rather the dying in silence. 

Meanwhile, the linkage coordinator of Damien Foundation Belgium, Mr. Wasiu Ola disclosed that the Aim and Objectives of the Damien Foundation are to fight and ensure that tuberculosis is being eradicated in Africa, Nigeria, and the whole world entirely.  

He urged people to ensure constant usage of facemasks, which is a cogent action in preventing tuberculosis as it is a contagious disease. 

Corroborating, the hope President of Rotary Club Obantoko and Coordinator of Presidents in Abeokuta, Rotarian Kazeem Alabi, submitted that bringing awareness to the people is one of the best ways to end tuberculosis in Nigeria, noting that illiteracy is a disease, as many didn't know that they are carrying tuberculosis.  

He admonished the general public to benefit from the free testing of tuberculosis, desist fro. self medication all in the name of coughing, adding that people should make themselves available for test. 

Other prevention of the disease are Children's vaccination, social distancing when TB is suspected in an environment, use of facemasks, fortification of the immune system, not traveling to a TB endemic area, or rather spending little time. While recommending the use of antibiotics recommended for TB patients by any government health facility.

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