Makinde Misguided On Age ,Lacks Medical Knowledge And Sagacity - ADEDUNTAN.




Your Excellency:

Good day to you.

As a critical stake holder  in Oyo 2027 Governorship Race,

I,Azeez POPOOLA ADEDUNTAN hereby reply you on your statement in the news headline published by “Inside OYO ,an online media outlet on Wednesday 24th April “where you were quoted  to have said,you will not support a successor older than 52 years in age for GOVERNORSHIP in 2027,which has not been recanted, after many days of publication; showing that it was purposeful,deliberate,willful and not a misrepresentation of facts.

  Your Excellency ,an open letter would have been unnecessary if you were accessible , for you never pick up calls, respond to messages or acknowledge a return receipt,even calls placed through the minions that surround you.

  I hereby advise you ,using this medium to  be medically properly guided in your speech in the future for the sake of our youths and future generations for your assertions on age are medically false and politically hollow.

  You need your excellency to be Properly Guided by facts, not fiction , or innuendos or insinuations .

 You may wish to know at your present age of 57years and at 52 years in 2019 ,when you became GOVERNOR,you are and you were respectively already an old man by longevity data for NIGERIA.

  It is therefore delusional to think you are a young man.

  As you personally know, with humility and thanks to almighty GOD,I was a distinction graduate of IFE UNIVERSITY medical school NIgeria,a Columbia university SURICAL graduate,a Harvard trained, board certified ,international cardiovascular surgeon, former Commissioner of health in OYO state ,former 2011 Labour Party candidate for GOVERNORSHIP OF OYO STATE,former professor of surgery,MOREHOUSE  SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ATLANTA ,USA, and 2023 APC  cleared and vetted GOVERNORSHIP aspirant in OYO state-‘with unquestionable medical knowledge anywhere in the world.

   I hereby advise your excellency ,to be guided by evidence based facts and figures,not insinuations , rhetorics or selfishness,nor by ignorance  or self serving agitations,on the issues of age,capabilities and death.

 For the education of both parties including your excellency,here are the unassailable facts.

a)The World health organization -the custodian of global health has affirmed through random analysis ,meta analysis and other statistical methods ,that the average life span of a Nigerian male is 50yrs and female 55ys.In Ghana 60/65,USA,70/75 with females living longer.

In other words individuals that reach ages 60,70,80,etc in our country-NIGERIA should be celebrated ,as they are nature selected few (Darwin’s law of natural selection)and must therefore not to be disparaged or disrepected in a nation with average life span of 55years.That is extreme naivety and lack of medical knowledge.

  So instead of Nigerian youths and GOVERNOR MAKINDE jumping around the street,that he or she is youthful,at 40 years  old in NIGERIA ,he or she is an old man or woman and should be expecting death anytime,as evidenced by the statistics above and as exemplified below viz.

  Umar  MUSA Yaradua was 56 years  old when he became president Of Nigeria,in YR 2007;he died  about two and half years later of autoimmune vascular disease ,affecting his lungs and heart ,which could have been revealed had his medical history been made public to Nigerians.

  A former speaker of OYO state House of assembly 

Michael Adesina Adeyemo died of massive heart attack on Friday April 27th  2018,he was 47yrs  old. I was present at his autopsy with occlusive coronary artery disease.

Had his medical history been known to the public,that he had antecedent medical problems,a floor membership would have been better for him rather than the pressure of speakership.

  Another deputy speaker of Oyo state House of Assembly Kazeem Ayilara died from massive heart attack at the age of 39ys on June 20th 2013 -a few meters to UCH emergency room. Whereas President Nnamdi Azikiwe  died at the age of 92 years(1904-1996).

  In light of the foregoing,,Nigerian youths and GOVERNOR MAKINDE are hereby put on Medical notice,that there are three kinds of age viz:

a)physiological age:

Age due to the functions of your heart(majorly),lungs,

kidneys and liver).

This is the most important with regards to capacity,capability 

mentation and sudden death.

B)chronological age:

Age based on the date of your birth .It is secondary to the first.

While important,it is not predictive of death and incapacity, as physiological age, for example-a 28yr old man considered as youth with medical problems such as sickle cell disease, diabetes,hypertension (primary or secondary),kidney problems ,is no longer capable and a 70 yr old man who has no medical problem is better than him for any job.

  For example George BUSH(41st ) president of the USA ,jumped from an airplane with parachute close to 90 years of age to demonstrate his physical fitness on his birth day close to 90 years.He died at 94 years because he had good heart functions.

C)Psychological age.

Age based on how you feel .Very self serving.

This is not predictive.

  The Nigeria youth and GOVERNOR MAKINDE are hereby admonished to know that nobody in Nigeria ,has ever held Nigerian youths down, but long military rule (paradoxically all were youths,(Gowon 31years,Mohammed 38yrs),and the cost of electoral competition which is prohibitive  and a very poor & unenlightened public that will sell their votes for survival.

  What Nigerian youths and GOVERNOR MAKINDE should do is not to be looking for advantages on the basis of age,but ask for medical records of all potential candidates young and old before elections(just because you are young ,does not mean you are healthy or that the older man will die before you),lobby political parties to be more inclusive,not by violence or threats.

 Chronological age as is being advanced by GOVERNOR MAKINDE, is self serving, not evidence  based and therefore for the birds.

     Nowhere in the world is this self serving agitations by youths and MAKINDE coming ,except NIGERIA , because the major areas of making big money in NIgeria today  legally is POLITICS , being in the petroleum industry ,and lately illegally- banditry ,terrorism,kidnapping,armed robbery .and selling body parts.

  So the vociferous calls by Nigerian youths and your excellency are majorly economic  ,self serving & not altruistic.

 The Nigerian youths and your excellency should stop parroting around the analog ideas that because somebody is older than  you,he is unfit  for political office or he will die before you,or he has a better mental acuity.

  The digital position expected from an educated and enlightened Nigerian youths and your excellency in YR 2024 is to ask both young and old political office seekers ,their physiological ages as evidenced medically by the genuine (not forged)medical records of the office seekers.

   What is most important for this polity as is done all over the world is physiological age,not chronological age.

    Our leaders both young and old must make their medical records open for public scrutiny before and during the pendency of their electoral positions with severe penalties for forged reports including incarceration of patients and doctors involved.

     Governor Makinde is hereby medically advised to stop the innuendos, he is  peddling around  about age and ability to GOVERN.

  No Nigerian leaders since our independence in 1960 ,had ever said anyone is too young to rule,but for the arrested Nigerian political development  by long years of military rule and prohibitive costs of running for office.

  We are now in the digital age ,hence your demands must be based on unassailable and empirical facts and figures,not by trying to eliminate the older men in the system through no fault of theirs.

  Let me close by reminding GOVERNOR MAKINDE that power belongs to GOD,not him and until recently he was a labeled “serial” loser from 2003 to 2019 and 2023 when he became GOVERNOR through implosion in APC and TINUBU’S electoral bandwagon effect.

You must not grandstand or showboat;but thank almighty GOD at all times.

  Discrimination in any form whether on the basis of age,religion ,tribe,ethnicity must not be traceable or associated with you because you were a survivor of discrimination.

 When the Muslim community in OYO state was looking for your “jugular “on your perceived anti Islamic behavior,we stood by you and defended you.

When the powers that be in OYO state including a former GOVERNOR and deputy GOVERNOR,said you will not return to power ,based on your character, we defended you and the first to come out ,before others regained their lost  voice At great risk.

  You are not the first two term GOVERNOR ,you will not be the last and hence must tread  gingerly with evanescent power.

 Oyo state will choose the next GOVERNOR through immortal GOD -the owner of sovereignty and power and not through any mortals like you ,regardless of whoever you support-for this is OYO STATE-the mecca of politics in the southwest and NIGERIA.

  This is not Kogi, ,Edo or Bayelsa state.WE are politically sound and savvy.

 Your excellency, My expectations and advice as a well wisher to you (I supported you financially and electorally in 2019 and 2023 respectively;without asking for a kobo in return) at great risk to my life) is to leave behind in OYO state -the best successor,regardless of age,religion ,or ethnicity,run a financially prudent administration,not who you support to cover you up as you must learn from contemporary events as evidenced by WIKE/FURBARA ,Oshiomole/obaseki,EL RUFAI/UBA SANNI.

  It is paradoxical your Excellency ,that those that wanted you politically “dead”-not to return to power in 2023 ;are now surrounding you,showing extreme ingratitude to some of us and short memory on your part and a symptom of hallucination of power.

 OYO STATE will not allow imposed candidate -young or old in 2027.

Run a financially prudent GOVERNMENT ,with probity ,so you will not need an inexperienced successor or buffoon,who will bail or shield you as in the case of BELLO & ODODO vs EFCC;When and if EFCC decides to come after you at the end of your term.

  Your Excellency, please don’t forget the past as we  have been in this game together as members of PDP G7 in 2015 led by DR OYELESE.

 Oyo State will not allow imposed candidate by you or any one in 2027,as long as GOD CONTINUES to be GOD in the heavens and for whom 

I have Supreme confidence.

 You can impose anyone  you like, since primaries in NIGERIA are usually doctored) in PDP, you will end up without a successor in 2027, just like your predecessor.

I make bold to say this your excellency.

There lies the bitter truth.IT WILL BE POETIC JUSTICE by the grace of almighty GOD, whom you always quote.

 Fortunately,he is GOD of all mortals,not you alone.

As always ,best wishes to you and your family.

 Long Live OYO STATE and the federal republic of NIGERIA.

Electronically signed 



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