Plateau Government Partners FHA 

... As Hon Oyetunde Ojo, Managing Director and Chief Executive visits the state.

The Executive Governor of Plateau states, "His Excellency Caleb Mutfwang has allocated over 100 hectares of land to Federal Housing Authority for the Renewed Hope Housing project. 

This was made known Tuesday 14th May, 2024, when the Authority’s Managing Director and Chief Executive, Hon Oyetunde Oladimeji Ojo led a team of management on a visit to the state governor.

Hon Oyetunde Ojo had earlier in his address thanked the governor for graciously allocating land to FHA before the visit, demonstrating his zeal to serve his people. He also commended the Governor for the sustained development of the state, which is visible from the various projects going on, especially the massive support agriculture and farmers are receiving. 

The MD informed the governor that the main purpose of the visit was to bring to him the message of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu (GCFR) on the need to house Nigerians, through the Renewed Hope Agenda programme on Housing, reiterating Mr President's directives on not only giving Nigerians houses, but livable and affordable ones.

Stressing on the importance President Bola Ahmed Tinubu (GCFR) attaches to adequate shelter for Nigerians, Hon. Ojo reminded the Governor that Mr. President from his manifesto during the campaign had held housing very high in the welfarism theory. He said, therefore, in the fulfillment of that promise, he deemed it fit to appoint the new FHA management, which he is leading to go round the country for its holistic implementation and help fix the housing challenges of Nigerians. 

Hon Ojo therefore told His Excellency Governor Muftwang that the Authority has come to request for land for the Renewed Hope project. 
The MD declared the Authority's intentions to collaborate with the state in the designs and planning of the project, in line with the resolve of FHA management to consult with every state government before projects are sited.

In the words of the FHA boss, " we are not a management that would sit in Abuja and impose designs on the people of Plateau State. It is the people from the state that would live in the houses. That is why we want to consult with you because you know the culture and taste of your people better. "

The FHA boss also called on the governor to help FHA in the issue of settling compensation on the land, a matter he said is often complex and creates bottle necks, which His Excellency as the custodian of land and with his red biro can easily resolve.

According to Hon.Ojo, the Authority would also return some houses back to the State Government in lieu of the compensation for the people. 

The MD also told the governor that FHA has a Diaspora initiative, where it would create a city within a city that can compete with any modern city anywhere. He said this would serve the interest of the people at the high end, while FHA builds for the masses. 

The Authority would create such homes comparable with what we see in the high brow areas of Abuja and Lagos.

Hon Ojo also requested for the collaboration of the state government in providing off - takers for the houses to be built. He assured the governor of the role of the Authority’s mortgage bank; in providing mortgages. 

On the delivery models to be adopted, he said the Authority would be delivering carcas, where only the exterior would be finished, with electricals and plumbing. There would also be One Bedrooms and Studio apartments for the benefit of Nigerians with lower financial capacity. Hon Ojo considered it needless to impose exquisite finishing on people and rather advocated that finishing should be based on affordability and taste.

The MD also pointed out the benefits in the value chain of Housing development and construction in the areas of fighting inflation through massive job creation, noting that insecurity would be a thing of the past when jobs are created. 
The funds for developing this estate the MD noted would circulate in the v state thereby further stimulating the state's economy, while the contactors from Plateau State would be highly considered. 

Hon.Ojo noted that the Renewed Hope Housing programme on the directives of the President has no political affiliation or tribal colouration. He noted that FHA team has visited about 23 states in the country of diverse political inclination. The programme he noted is a Nigeria programme just as President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the President of all Nigeria. 

Governor Caleb Mutfwang in his response, thanked FHA for considering to site a project in PlateauState,While commending President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the initiative to fight Nigeria's housing deficit, he declared Plateau state's support for the Renewed Hope Housing programme. 

In the Governor's words, "I congratulate Mr President for initiating the fight of Housing deficit. We will definitely key into this project. We are eager, we are excited to partner with FHA ", he declared .

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