A pressure group named  PDP New generation has labelled Dapo Abiodun led APC government as monumental failure and the worst in the history of the state.

The group Coordinator, Com Sodeinde Daniel made this known in Abeokuta Ogun state capital during the press interactive session at  Abeokuta.

The group lamented that ever since the creation of the state, there has never be a government as weak as the current administration in the state. 

The Coordinator cited the current inability of the state government to pay workers' salary as when due, he added that, some workers in the state are yet to receive November salary as at the time of this report. 

Also, Sodeinde torchlight the inability of Dapo-APC Led  government in completing any   meaningful projects since mounting the throne of governorship in the state, adding that, many projects attributed to his government are inherited projects from the past Administration(s). 

The group Cordinator also pointed to the debt profile of the state which makes the state to be among the five states with high debt profile in the country despite the huge generation of Internal Revenue  as claimed by the current administration.

The PDP New generation State Cordinator said that, despite the IGR generated by this administration, there has not been a meaningful growth and  development in the state.

In his words, Comrade Sodeinde mentioned that, it's unfortunate that the State found itself in this situation, as people mistakenly enthrust the leadership of the state to clueless government and already ruining the prestige and good name built by our political leaders in the past.

He claimed PDP New generation Ogun state chapter and PDP as a party will not fold hands and watch the mess persist. 

One of the many strong Cardinal points of the Peoples Democratic Party is the Workers' welfare and infrastructural development, Education amongst others which form the bases of development but unfortunately the present administration has failed woefully in all these areas. 

The group noted that, the manifesto given by the Candidate of the Party,  Hon. Ladi Adebutu is the best so far and has been adjourned and scrutinised to be workable and addressed the before mentioned areas of development.

He calls on stakeholders and the good people of ogun state, especially the youths to join hands together to enthrone PDP come 2023 in order to rescue the state from her dying state.

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